Forex Technical & Fundamental Analysis

EFD Group is dealing with the most reputed forex brokers of the international market, providing world class, accurate and minutely updated technical and fundamental analysis to the clients. Our parent companies also interviews on the world's most famous business and financial channels including BBC News, BBC World, CNBC, Bloomberg etc. We always try to deliver best data and information to our clients and help them in taking right trading decision in the market.

Meet our award winning technical and fundamental analysts team. Our team provide world class technical analysis, fundamental analysis, tv interviews and various publications where they have provided their views and market's inside story. Our research and development team tries to give the best information to our clients.

EFD Group's technical team will help you in updating yourself with:
* Daily technical charts
* Daily support & resistance levels
* Weekly technical charts
* Weekly support & resistance levels
* Currencies and commodities sentiments gauge
* Live chart workout

EFD Group's Fundamental team will provide you various market fundamentals including:
* Daily market news
* Economic calendar
* Latest Forex videos

We are working with world class forex brokers, which provides ideal trading condition to its clients and business partners.

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