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Forex Trading with EFD Group
(Currencies, Commodities, Indices and Agri Products)

EFD Group is associated with the leading provider of online trading services since 2003. We are providing world-class trading experience to our clients in over 160 countries worldwide. In one trading account, traders can trade over 175 products like currencies, commodities, precious metals, indices etc. Trading platforms have been designed with the latest technology supporting desktop, tablet and smartphone devices. Our parent company led by an exciting and forward thinking management team with a wide range of international experience we use new proprietary, ‘best-in-class’ technology to access a mix of deep bank, non-bank and Middle East liquidity. This gives our clients excellent pricing, high quality execution and very good fill ratios.

Currencies, Commodities and Indices belong to the forex industry, no other financial sector is as large as forex. We have been encouraged for our outstanding services, incredible results and award winning customer support. We offer cutting-edge trading technology, expert's trading signals, forex education and many more. We are a strong and secure financial services company, where clients come first and technology is used to create the best possible trading experience. We have grown organically developing multi-asset trading solutions for institutional and retail clients. We want to remain a trusted partner of our parent company which is in the heart of the world's largest forex market. Our aim is to offer the best possible services to our clients, who are our prime priority and to whom we are extremely dedicated.

EFD Forex Startup

Training & Education

Learn more about forex trading with our wide range of learning material, video tutorials & training sessions.

Easy Account Opening

Opening a forex trading account with EFD Group is hassle free, fast and secure.

Document clearance

We help to make the documentation process smart and easy for our clients & business partners.

Secured Fund Deposit

Safety & security of the financial transactions is the top most priority for our parent company.

Trading Platform Installation

Installation of trading platform with EFD technical representative takes your 3 minutes to be executed.

Safe Trading Strategies

Explore and apply a profitable and safe trading strategy by the EFD Group's risk managers and experts.

Forex Trading Products

FX trading is the largest and most liquid asset market in the world. With over US$5.3 trillion traded globally daily, it is larger than both the stock and futures markets combined. With no centralized market, FX trading begins with the opening of Australia and continues until markets close in the US, making it accessible for any trader at any time. FX trading is used for hedging against other transaction exposures, diversifying investment portfolios or purely for investment trading. We provide services through which you can trade FX spot (i.e. transactions made using current market exchange rates and prices) and option trading (i.e. transaction made when a specified exchange rate or date has been reached).

Take the advantage of:

60+ different currency pairs

Cash and Futures Indices - CFD trading on indices enables you to speculate on the movement of a particular index

Commodities - Gold, Oil and Copper are some of the many markets that can be traded

Bonds - Take a view on long term interest rates in both the US and Europe

Equities - Trade US and UK Single Stocks

  •   Trade more than 60 majors & minors
  •   Trade metals, indices & stocks
  •   Consistent and tight spreads
  •   Free demo and simulator
Forex Trading Platform

Our associated company works with MT4s development company, MetaQuotes. It offers all the advantages of MT4 with the liquidity, pricing and support which defines us. MT4 is one of the most innovative and powerful trading platforms. Users benefit from an accessible, user-friendly interface with a wide range of powerful functions, making it a highly flexible platform for the successful trader. The package includes programmed MT4 platform trading strategies, tools for customizing trade indicators, automated trading - MT4 alarms and signal messages, community-sourced indicators and MT4 expert advisors, advance charting and analysis tools, live news feeds, high quality execution with low slippage.

Forex trading platforms can be accessed in a number of different ways, including mobile, tablet and conventional desktops. We provide our clients with personalized FX training programs, dealing room specialists, innovative and competitive partner offerings, exceptional trading experience, offering the support, technology and education required to excel in forex trading. Trade with us to get fantastic prices, spreads, deep liquidity, excellent support, free market analysis, free education etc.

Economic Calendar

  •   Advance charting and analysis tools
  •   Quality execution with low slippage
  •   Supports all laptops, tablets & mobiles
Forex Market Analysis & Trading Tools

Keep up-to-date on all the important market trends by using expert-grade market analysis tools. Fundamental analysis is always a vital part of a solid trading strategy and it should never skip the market influencer. The daily scheduled market events shows what to be expected from the markets on a macroeconomic scale. Access our regular market updates that cover key events, reports, economic data and expectations. Reports prepared by finance professionals from our global offices as well as externally sourced reports. These reports cover fundamental and technical analysis, overviews of the world economies and the financial calendar of economic announcements.

EFD Market Headlines

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EFD Chart This

Technical analysis is based on watching historical and present price movement to come up with a trade idea. Traders rely heavily on the theory of a cyclical price movement to determine where prices are headed next. Historical trends and patterns are what drive this kind of analysis. The easiest way to track price movement is through tracking charts of the currencies you wish to trade. As strong of an analytical tool as this is, it does not factor in how a country's economic data or political events can affect the FX market.

How to use the chart

1: The red line marks off highs of the market.
2: The green dotted pivot line marks off the overall scenario of the market.
3: The solid green line marks off the lows of the market.
Long the market above the red line Sell the market below the green solid line.

Apply the green dotted line to determine the effectiveness of the market. Market has strength above the pivot and weakness below the pivot.

Note: Forex is risky

Plan your trades

No matter what style of trading an investor uses, experts believe a plan is what separates traders who are profitable from the ones who are less so. We provide everything you need to trade the market effectively. Every trader wants some trading indications in order to plan the trades before the final execution. From technical analysis to risk management tools, from expert's trading signals to forex market sentiments, it's all there! Keep ahead of market trends and be prepared for changes when important economic indicators are released. Keep tracking the progress of our experts by following our last 6 successful trades. Trade the trend with the limit orders is one of the best trading strategy of all time. EFD Group's expert directions will help you in predicting the bullish or bearish trend of multiple currencies or commodity pairs. All these informations help our private and corporate clients in planning their trades.
NOTE: We shall not be held responsible for any outcome of trading decisions, in regards with these reports.

Last 6 Successful Trades
EFD#UAE1 EUR/JPY 121.80 TO 123.30
EFD#UK1 NZD/JPY 77.80 TO 75.60
EFD#SWISS1 GBP/NZD 2.0762 TO 2.1180
EFD#UAE1 XAU/USD 1253 TO 1218
EFD#UAE1 NZD/USD 0.6960 TO 0.6760
EFD#UAE1 USD/JPY 112.4 TO 113.3
Last Updated: 21-05-2016 12:41:55 NOTE: Forex is risky
Trade the trend with Limit Orders
Pair's Name XAU/USD
Trading Range 1230 to 1270
Limit Order 1 1230 to 1240
Limit Order 2 1240 to 1250
Limit Order 3 1250 to 1260
Limit Order 4 1260 to 1270
Exit Level 1220
Tips: Maintain risk & reward policies while following this strategy. As per EFD Group's Risk Management team, 0.01 volume can be traded per $1000.
Last Updated: 08-03-2016 08:29:50 NOTE: Forex is risky
EFD Expert's Direction
Last Updated: 20-05-2016 05:09:54 NOTE: Forex is risky
Chart of the day

EFD Group is led by a team of experienced and proven investment and trading professionals who bring a wide range of education material along with international experience to the firm. Our signals and technical charts are accurate, easy to use and most of all, keep an outstanding winning rate of more than 80% since 2003. All you need to do is follow the technical chart along with the tips in your trading account by opening a buy/sell position according to the signal and level provided in the chart. Kindly take care of the volume as per your trading account or you can consult the risk management tricks from our team. Here, we will teach you basic chart patterns and formations. When correctly identified, it usually leads to an explosive breakout, so watch out! Remember, our goal is to spot big movements before they happen so that we can ride them out and rake in the cash.

Chart's Commentary

1268 milestone,
If month gets closed below 1268 no more bullish.
Sell with stop loss of 1280-85
Targets 1245, 1206, 1180

Alternate scenario if month will close above 1268
1280-85-95 can be achieved.
Limited upside
NOTE: We shall not be held responsible for any outcome of trading decisions, in regards with these reports.

Last Updated: 29-07-2017 17:01:48 NOTE: Forex is risky

If you are looking for a user-friendly forex business, you've found it in with EFD Group. We've made it super easy for you to get started! Simply take a look at the rankings and choose a strategy of trading style that suits your investment objectives. Apart from this, you can also analyze the market with the help of daily/weekly analysis report, market research and live market sentiments. We also provide multiple tools like live chart workout, trading signals and economic calendar. We also offer VIP services for our private and corporate clients, including fund management services, trading signal services and risk management services. We provide a discreet and transparent way to access specialist fund management services. The firm is committed to proactively managing and enhancing the wealth of clients by providing the best service and investment options available, as per the suitability and financial planning of the client.

We provide world class forex technical charts and trading signal services to our private and corporate clients. Using trading signals, you can copy trading strategies designed by our experienced analysts from across the world straight into your MT4 platform. Our technical charts will help your in understanding the market scenario, trend and other important levels for all currencies & commodities pairs. You will get the access of thousands of ready-made trading strategies and implement it directly in your trading account.

We provide a discreet and transparent way to access specialist fund management services. The firm is committed to proactively managing and enhancing the wealth of clients by providing the best service and investment options. EFD Group's fund management is a low visibility, exclusive investment service. It provides wealth generating and maintenance solutions for ultra-high net worth individuals across the globe. Investors need a specialist, regional based fund management and risk management option. EFD Group's fund management fills this gap, expanding the range of financial services available from the United Arab Emirates.

We provide the world class forex robots which are ready to find the suitable trades for you on your behalf. We have spend years in coding every forex robot to make it perfect for our clients. With us, you will meet the most powerful and accurate forex robots ruling the market. For fresher, we have forex study material which will guide them from roots to fruits. we have View our range of education materials suitable for all levels of trading experience and learning styles to support your trading journey. Take the full advantage of free forex education & enhance your trading skills.

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