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Risk management Services by EFD Group

EFD Group's Risk Management service is a low visibility, exclusive investment service. It provides wealth generating and maintenance solutions for ultra-high net worth individuals across the globe. Investors need a specialist, regional based risk management option. The Global Markets team has an exceptional track record in structuring tailor made in house derivative solutions to meet the hedging needs of their clients. Global Markets offers a competitive ‘best in class’ hedging solutions across the following asset classes:

Foreign Exchange
Interest Rates

The Risk Management process is driven by:
VAR limits
Expected shortfall
Days to liquidate
Concentration risk
Stress testing
Scenario testing

Secure Deals

We believe in secure and transparent deal between the client and the company.

Asset Research

We believe in proper asset research before taking the final call of investment.

One stop solution

With EFD Group, you will get one stop solution for all your risk management queries.

Our Support

We are famous for 24/7 outstanding support services to our clients and partners.

Global Exposure

We have tie ups with reputed financial institutes in more than 120 countries across the globe.

Market Analysis

Reports and analysis by our funds manager are highly resourceful and profitable.

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We offer a wide range of risk management services to private and corporate clients. We believe that financial planning is not a one-time process. It's a long term ongoing process which require rigorous selection and evaluation of all asset class, which includes multiple sophisticated and alternate financial investment strategies.

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