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About Us

Since 2003, EFD Group has been one of the world-leading financial service providers. We deliver innovative financial services in many private and corporate business sectors to access opportunities across thousands of global financial markets.
Our research and development team continues to look for talent across the globe. We have produced numerous experts to work in various areas of the EFD group. EFD Group helps you find the best broker that suits your trading and investing needs. We scale our operations to reach all traders needing access to superior technology and the best services in the industry. We constantly strive to improve our services and stay on top of market trends.

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Our Work Process

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    Advice from Experienced Industry Experts.

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    Document verification to check your eligibility

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    Account opening, approval and Deposit of funds.

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    A combination of reducing risk to enhance reward

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    On the basis of Fundamental & Technical analysis.

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Trading Platform

Harness volatility in the world’s most-traded financial market with world's leading Meta Trader Platforms. MetaTrader 4 (MT4) is the most widely used electronic trading platform and MetaTrader 5 (MT5) is a powerful multi-functional, multi-asset platform featuring advanced technical analysis, fundamental analysis and much more.

One Click Trading

Trade on the move from your mobile and tablet devices. Includes scripts that enable automatic execution of custom-programmed trades.

Technical Analysis Tools

A full set of tools and updates on breaking financial news. An unlimited number of charts that can be plotted at various time intervals.

Premium Security

Premium security features with 128-bit encryption.
Negative Balance Protection.
Licensed and Regulated Brokers.

Real Time Quotes

Quotes on different financial market instruments in real-time. Capability to view real-time quotes, open new positions, and manage open positions.


Since We Started

EFD Group is one of the fastest developing Business Consulting firms. We help private & corporate clients in making quick and useful choices. Regardless of how small or enormous the venture is, we trust in conveying the outcomes with the customer fulfillment.

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Types of Trading

Traders use a variety of analyses and methodologies. From ultra short-term technical approaches to fundamentals-driven buy-and-hold strategies, there are strategies to suit everyone’s taste.

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EFD Partnership Programme

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Join the EFD Group's business partner program and grow with us. We provide outstanding services on competitive terms to partners working in all areas of the EFD Group. Enjoy our cutting-edge technology and exceptional services. Our proven partnership plans are influential, customizable, agile to help you maximize your earning potential.

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Taking the first steps towards investing begins by selecting the online broker, who is almost your boss, that can match your ambitions with all the value-added tools, services, and performance needed to conquer the global financial markets. It is important to choose a broker that not only has good functionality and comfortable working conditions but also understands your individual needs and most importantly, consistently makes payments on time and in full.

We carefully analyze the features that characterize the best brokers and evaluate their capabilities to determine the most suitable partners to accompany you on your investment journey. The criteria for choosing a Broker - Fees & Commissions | Execution Speed and Slipage | Security | Tarding Platform | Deposit and Withdrawal | Account Opening | Product Portfolio | Customer Service | Research

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Trading Signal

Date 07-12-2022
Instrument DAX
Direction BUY
Call Duration Short-Mid
Buying Rate 14250-14350
Take Profit 16200
Stop Loss 14080
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Chart of the day

A forex chart allows a trader to look into the past, which can be used by technical analysts to predict future price movements. Clients with open and funded trading accounts will typically receive free software for forex charting from the majority of forex brokers. The technical analysis of a specific forex (FX) pair can benefit from the information provided by forex charts, which, like those for other securities, are available. Forex traders who want to use technical analysis to find where to invest their money because they can show patterns will need forex charts. Future investment movements are anticipated through a technical analysis, which looks at historical market prices and technical indicators. They believe supply and demand forces in the specific security market cause short-term price fluctuations. Consequently, the current balance between buyers and sellers is more critical to technicians than asset fundamentals. The line bar and candlestick chart types can be used in the foreign exchange market. Most platform mapping software has an average period. There is a period on the x-axis and a rate on the y-axis.

Chart's Commentary

As you remember from our previous forecasts, we expected the price to go up, and today, we continue to speak of rising. The price rebounded from the support level and broke the structure. It formed trading a range after an impulse bullish move. Since the price ranges, we expect a test to the nearest resistance level.

Let's deal it together!

All About Forex Loss Recovery

When traders do end up losing a lot of money with one catastrophic trade, the major problem is that it is extremely difficult to recoup these losses. The key point is that you shouldn’t panic when you suffer a huge loss. The markets will always be there, so there is nothing wrong with taking a break from trading and attempting to clear your head. You will have a lot of negative thoughts, emotions, feelings of self-doubt and anger after you experience a big blowout, so you need to get your head right before you start trading again. Once you do this, it is all about your trading strategy and discipline. With a sound trading system that targets large winning trades and keeps losing trades small, it is possible to regain your lost capital over time with a disciplined approach.

What happened, happened! Let's move further and prepare for the recovery.
Yes, you heard it right. You should stop trading and transfer all the (remainder of the) trading capital to the bank account. 
                            Why? Because in your current emotional state, you are very prone to  “Desperate Trading” and “Revenge Trading”. 
                            Desperate trading happens when someone desperately tries to recover lost money by taking random trades, hoping one of those trades will pan out. 
                            The market doesn’t work that way. You will end up taking much more loss than you did initially.
Roaming around the screen will keep knocking your mind to go after trading. Do not trade, and do not discuss the situation with your colleagues. 
                            We want that emotional storm to pass as quickly as possible, but if you keep plugging in, the negative emotions will keep lingering. All you need is patience which helps your confidence level to grow again. Once it starts growing,  you find yourself coming out from the darkness. 
                            Most traders think trading is the way to cross the bridge in such terrible financial situations. We do not find it helpful because the market does not allow us to play when it plays. We should wait for it to stop playing before we start.
Accept the Loss patiently and do not show aggression toward the recovery. This step will make or break your ambitions of being a successful trader. Even the best forex traders in the world have losing trades – losing is a part of trading – but how do you react when you lose? How do you feel? If you’re angry or sad, chances are you were risking too much, taking a trade you knew you shouldn’t – or both.
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Portfolio Management Services

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Portfolio Management Services by EFD Group

You need a smart and proactive team who can help you out to maintain and expand your personal or professional finances. The personnel at EFD have expertise in managing client's fund across the globe in the field of real estate, stock market, commodities, currencies, physical metals and many other sectors. You, as a client get benefited with huge wealth and never-ending need of specialist to manage such wealth for you.

Our system is designed in such a way that it not only supports but also provides a secure and growing environment for your finances. Collaborating enables us to manage your investments and administer them for your growth. It enables you to access:
A team of skilled and learned professionals with enough working experience to take utmost care of your funds and wealth.
A well defined process which works to improve your investment experience and their returns

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